Sometimes people asked the Rabbi from Nazareth to boil down all the commandments and traditions of their faith into one command. What was the point of it all? Jesus's answer was so simple it makes you wonder how there could be so many sermons: Love others the way you want to be Loved. It all hangs on that.

Few of us would say we have compassion and Love of neighbor nailed down. In fact, many of us have had such a hard time we've just come to pretend he summarized everything some other way.

Maybe we missed that Christ shows us something important in this summary; that when we wake up to ourselves, see our fears and self preoccupations, we can do more than simply attempt to renounce it all. We can put what we discover in ourselves to work so that we can really see others. Frankly, this seeing may be the only means for Loving others there is. It will take courage, and faith enough to believe that the only one hung up on what's actually true about ourselves deep down, under "the show," is ourselves.

If this sounds like peace and freedom, you might be delighted to find out the Rabbi from Nazareth offers both.




"Steve Daugherty's inaugural book is a literary treat, a visual pleasure, and—most vitally—a spiritual feast. Meditations on well-worn biblical moments retold through Steve's storytellers' heart give me pause. If you find yourself starving on fast-food religion, do yourself a favor and pick up Experiments in Honesty. You'll find yourself at a table set with slow-cooked revelation."

~Mike Morrell, collaborating author, The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your Transformation with Richard Rohr.

“Steve has a unique way of seeing stories inside stories: making connections that are past the obvious yet not stretched beyond truth.  He gets the thread of intelligent thought that weaves throughout Scripture and has a way of enticing others to want to enter the conversation. His passion for God’s continued, redemptive pursuit of people, created as Divine image bearers, communicates the value of each individual, and invites his audience to consider loving themselves enough to keep seeking and finding their identity in God.” 

~Dr. Jan Kempe, Author of “Faithful Hearts: Adventures in Spiritual Mentoring”

“Steve writes as a practical mystic, inviting the reader to discover more in everyday moments and those stories we've read numerous times in the Bible. He encourages self-contemplation through his humor and insightful perspective into life. You'll see with fresh eyes as you continually wonder how you've never had these thoughts before. Grab a coffee to drink deeply as you read through Experiments in Honesty. You'll notice yourself exploring profoundly into your journey with Jesus at the same time.”

~Jeremy Jernigan, Lead Pastor of Abundant Life Church and author of Redeeming Pleasure


"There is way of putting Jesus on a sacred pedestal so distant from our everyday wheeling and dealing that we can honor him with our lips by calling him “Christ” while mocking the witness of his life with all that we are. Steve Daugherty’s Experiments in Honesty helps turn this ship around by presenting Jesus of Nazareth as one whose divinity can’t be made separate from his status as a pioneer of human seriousness. Do we want to follow Jesus down the path of industrial-strength honesty? For anyone serious about taking up this question, Daugherty’s work could prove immensely helpful."

~David Dark, Author Life's Too Short To Pretend Your Not Religious

"If Brennan Manning and Mike Yaconelli had a love child (which, granted, would be weird), it would be Steve Daugherty. In contrast to much of the pious claptrap out there these days, Steve's voice in Experiments in Honesty is an heir to grace, quietly and humanly reminding us that we are too, we really are." 

~ John Blase, poet and author of The Jubilee: Poems and Know When To Hold 'Em: The High Stakes Game of Fatherhood

"Steve Daugherty writes about ancient ideas as if they were invented yesterday, or as if our capacity to understand them needs a tune-up, and he has the tools. He's not an arrogant engineer, though. This is a self-deprecating guide to seeing anew things that we might regret having mislaid. But the writing is so generous, so invitational, that such regret may easily be soaked up by the author's goodwill. More than that, he doesn't just challenge us to re-vision things, but to imagine what we would do next, after changing our minds.”

~ Gareth Higgins, Peace Activist, Film Critic, Author of “Cinematic States: Stories We Tell, the American Dreamlife, and How to Understand Everything”

"Experiments in Honesty is a fresh take on Christian spirituality and a fantastic read. Unpacking traditional scripture in a frank, it's-okay-to-question-everything-narrative, Steve draws you into his life and faith, quietly daring you to lift the veil and take another look at your own. Each chapter is a little bit like exposure-therapy to the truth, pushing you to be more honest with yourself and your faith. If you read nothing else but the title, you have already begun your journey in faith, and your own experiment with honesty. This is a must read!

~Anne Kubitsky, Founder & CEO of The Look for the Good Project, Author of What Makes You Grateful?: Voices From Around The World

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Click here for the free group Discussion Guide.