Episode 11 - Gareth Higgins

"Everything that happens, we interpret through a lens, and the lens is the story we have been born into." In this conversation with sociologist, author, storyteller and activist Gareth Higgins, we explore our way of being in a world whose tensions and violence demand attention. From the interpersonal to the international, are we listening, and loving, and using the power we've been given for healing and peace?




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Episode 8 - Of Jackasses and Carpenters

After a long hiatus, host Steve Daugherty talks about….said hiatus, as well as faith and what (always?) happens to it. Our faith forms and is formed by the world around us and inevitably unravels and re-ravels in fascinating, difficult, beautiful ways. You know: birth, death & resurrection. Enjoy a reentry podcast and review it highly on iTunes!

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