Episode 16 - Dr Krista Nabar and the T in LGBTQ

“We don’t have to have all experiences just for them to be valid. It’s important for us to keep in mind that people experience the world differently…that doesn’t mean any of that is less valid.”
Dr Nabar is a licensed psychologist and a Certified Sex Therapist with a wealth of compassion and insight into a generally very misunderstood community.

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Episode 12 - CJ Casciotta

Isn't it contagious when someone's at peace with who they really are? Isn't your best competition yourself? Isn't Santa an unmitigated jerk? This episode covers all this and more. If you've ever felt like you and your ideas are too strange to embrace, author, leader and encourager in the difference-making ways of weird, CJ Casciotta, can help you start rethinking all that and dare to start moving away from Same.


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Episode 8 - Of Jackasses and Carpenters

After a long hiatus, host Steve Daugherty talks about….said hiatus, as well as faith and what (always?) happens to it. Our faith forms and is formed by the world around us and inevitably unravels and re-ravels in fascinating, difficult, beautiful ways. You know: birth, death & resurrection. Enjoy a reentry podcast and review it highly on iTunes!

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