Episode 11 - Gareth Higgins

"Everything that happens, we interpret through a lens, and the lens is the story we have been born into." In this conversation with sociologist, author, storyteller and activist Gareth Higgins, we explore our way of being in a world whose tensions and violence demand attention. From the interpersonal to the international, are we listening, and loving, and using the power we've been given for healing and peace?




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Episode 10 - Jeff Polish (The Monti) Talks Storytelling

Jeff Polish, founder and Executive Director of The Monti, talks with me about storytelling, its popularity, and what sharing personal stories with a room full of strangers says about what we know we need. 

“The Monti is an extraordinary experience that goes beyond insightful storytellers and wonderful stories—but please don’t come, it is hard enough to get tickets as it is.” 
–Dan Ariely, bestselling author of Predictably Irrational

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